Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Fri Dec 18 00:14:24 GMT 1998

> > but we'll only get a "get backup list" (which is unicast, from memory)
> > if we answer a broadcast 1D query for that domain or register it with
> > WINS. Either way, we would need to be the LMB for that domain.
> ... or to answer the getbackuplistreq with not with our own lmb or dmb
> name but with the trusted dc's lmb or dmb names.

no. we won't get a "getbackuplistreq" unless we are the local master
for that domain. It is a unicast request and is sent to hosts that
have answered a name query on DOMAIN<1D> or DOMAIN<1B>. So for Samba
to get one of those requests for a foregn domain we would first have
to become the LMB for the foreign domain. That won't happen. ok?

> i think that this is solved by avoiding the issue by answering the
> getbackuplistreq with the foriegn domains' lmbs and its dmb.  if we know
> who they are.

we won't get a getbackuplistreq for the foreign domain unless something
is severely broken.

> ah, but with that the problem was solved by cross-referencing the called
> netbios name against the workgroup for which that netbios name was
> responsible.

which forced us to have a separate netbios alias for each domain.
We certainly don't want to do that in this case.

anyway, I think we agree that the code stays as it is, and users
wanting cross-subnet trust relationships should use a WINS server.

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