[Fwd: [Patch] Configure broken for Solaris 2.6 (PR#12014)]

Jeremy Allison jallison at cthulhu.engr.sgi.com
Thu Dec 17 18:39:19 GMT 1998

David Collier-Brown wrote:

>         Righto: I think I see what's happening...
>         Samba explicitly calls statvfs64() function, and

Not true - it will also use a statvfs() call with 64 bit
variable lengths.

>         the sun implementation triggered by
>         only makes statvfs() visible, using the 64-bit
>         sizes of the various variables.

Which should be the correct thing to do.

>         I **think** this means we should check for
>         a native statvfs with -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE
>         and -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64, and see if it
>         exists.
>         [explanation:
>         _LARGEFILE_SOURCE really means "migrate all
>         32-bit calls to 64-bit,. without changing the
>         function names or data structure names, just
>         as if you were running on a machine with
>         longs and pointers of 64 bits"

ok then - _LARGEFILE_SOURCE looks to be the define we
should be using. Samba is coded this way.

If you just set this flag on a Solaris 2.6/2.7 system
and no others does Samba configure correctly ?


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