[Fwd: [Patch] Configure broken for Solaris 2.6 (PR#12014)]

Daniel Eischen eischen at vigrid.com
Thu Dec 17 02:47:43 GMT 1998

David Collier-Brown wrote:
> Jeremy Allison wrote:
> > 
> > Dave & others with Solaris 2.6,
> > 
> >         Can you check this patch please. It looks right to me
> > but I only have solaris 2.5.1, not 2.6
>         Configure fails elsewhere in 2.6 intel and sparc both:
>         with the Sun cc (version 4.2), it dies thusly:
> checking statvfs function (SVR4)... no
> checking for 3-argument statfs function (DEC OSF/1)... no
> checking for two-argument statfs with statfs.bsize member (AIX,
> 4.3BSD)... no
> checking for four-argument statfs (AIX-3.2.5, SVR3)... no
> checking for two-argument statfs with statfs.fsize member (4.4BSD and
> NetBSD)... no
> checking for two-argument statfs with struct fs_data (Ultrix)... no
> checking configure summary
> configure: error: summary failure. Aborting config
>         This is with or without the patch...
>         Eischen and Don: are you using gcc? 

Yes, we are using gcc.  Hmm, but now that you mention it, the
gcc we were using was built for Solaris 2.5, not Solaris 2.6.
And the Solaris 2.6 system is also patched a recent Sun
recommended 2.6 patch cluster thingy.

Subsequent to reporting this problem, I have rebuilt GCC
(2.8.1) for Solaris 2.6.

Looking at the Sun include files, it still looks like we
should be using LARGEFILE64_x instead of LARGEFILE_x.

Dan Eischen
eischen at vigrid.com

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