Problems with 2.0beta4

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Tue Dec 15 22:18:01 GMT 1998

Rob Naccarato wrote:

> I've now got it to work.  In includes/includes.h, I removed these lines:
> #define OSF1_ENH_SEC 1
> #endif

Could you try putting these lines back, and instead applying
the following patch and let me know if this works instead.

---------------cut here----------------------
--- /usr/people/jallison/tmp/samba-2.0.0beta4/source/passdb/pass_check.c       
Mon Dec 14 17:21:09 1998
+++ passdb/pass_check.c Tue Dec 15 14:15:39 1998
@@ -840,9 +840,8 @@
                } else {
-                       DEBUG(5,("No entry for user %s in protected database
+                       DEBUG(5,("OSF1_ENH_SEC: No entry for user %s in
protected database !\n",
-                       return(False);
---------------end cut-----------------------

This patch would actually fit better with the
way the current code is structured - ie. the use
of the OSF1_ENH_SEC detabase is supported but 
not mandatory.


	Jeremy Allison,
	Samba Team.

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