Possible readdir() problem on LFS (beta4)

Andrej Borsenkow borsenkow.msk at sni.de
Tue Dec 15 11:19:18 GMT 1998

I have not seen any readdir64() in current SAMBA (I don't speak about
wrapper). The problem is, if inode on really large file system does not fit
into ino_t, readdir() will fail:

          One of the values in the structure to be returned cannot be
          represented correctly.

readdir64() returns dirent64 structure, where inode is of type ino64_t.

the problem is not related to directory size, but on our system the type for
file name offset os off64_t as well.

It is trivial to test for readdir64() and dirent64, but currently we check
for broken readdir() ... not sure it is needed in case of readdir64() ...

What is the case on other systems? Should I make readdir64 depend on
specific defines or just use it if available?


PS it better be resolved before samba-2.0.0 is out.

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