ldap lpPassword and ntPassword fields

Allen Reese allen at driversoft.com
Mon Dec 14 22:58:08 GMT 1998

As far as Ldap goes, there is a method for getting authentication
credentials over the wire, without being in the clear.
Simple Authentication and Security Layer
it is in rfc2222, and should be supported in ldap v3 or so it seems
according to the draft.

hope that helps,  ;)

Allen Reese
Senior Software Engineer
Driversoft, Inc.
allen at driversoft.com

On Tue, 15 Dec 1998, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> matthew,
> these fields are clear-text equivalent, and are a) in clear-text in the
> ldap database b) transmitted over-the-wire in the clear.
> this needs to be resolved before this code can go into production.
> luke

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