Samba Configuration file and memory usage

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Mon Dec 14 12:35:06 GMT 1998

>  Is 2.0 more memory efficient with config files?

no, it's basically the same.

There are a couple of ways we could (and probably will, given time)
make it more memory efficient for large config files:

1) the child smbd processes shouldn't reload the config file if it
   hasn't changed. This would mean that they would share all those
   pages with the parent, so the memory wouldn't be wasted 100x for
   100 clients.

2) we should use a more efficient string management system. Basically
   the string handling in Samba needs to be totally redone, but its a
   big job. It will probably happen next year sometime when we finally
   move to unicode.

3) you could lower the size of a pstring in smb.h and recompile. 1024
   is bigger than is really needed. Try 512 and see if that saves

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