Andrej Borsenkow borsenkow.msk at
Mon Dec 14 07:42:46 GMT 1998

> no, I knew about that one.
> Note that the request has a SID in it, but the response doesn't. The
> only way we could need the SID is if we need to respond differently
> for different SID or username values. Can you think of a situation
> where that is needed?
> I think this could only happen if a Samba server were only serving
> a subset of the users in a domain. We don't support that (AFAIK).

What if we have two domains on the same network? (We really did for some
time) As I understand, SAMLOGON is a broadcast. We definitely do not want to
serve foreign domain, do we? So we need SID to decide, if we answer this
request ... and for fully paranoid, we need to check, if trust account
exists :-)

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