Charlie Brady charlieb at
Fri Dec 11 00:24:19 GMT 1998

On Fri, 11 Dec 1998, William Stuart wrote:

> Is there anyone in samba-technical that is not in samba-ntdom?

Me, for instance :-)
> Every time someone (Luke) sends to both samba-technical and samba-ntdom, I
> get two messages.  If technical is truly a sub-set of ntdom and the message
> is appropriate for ntdom can we (Luke) stop sending to both?

That will certainly be possible.

But since you can't control others, it might be wise to take control
yourself. If you don't have it already, grab procmail. Read up on
"formail" which is included. "formail" has an option which allows you to
delete duplicate messages from your mailbox, whatever their source, as
long as they have the same Message-ID, and they arrive fairly close
together (measured not in time, but number of messages). 

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