listing of daemons running on a unix server

Matthew Geier matthew at
Wed Dec 9 20:42:26 GMT 1998

> Debian uses scripts in /etc/init.d which all take start/stop/restart. They
> tend to work pretty well. I don't know of any "standard" API or convention for
> enumerating/controlling services. I don't there there is one.

 My Solaris system is similar, with a whole pile of scripts in there for
starting and stopping things. There isnt however any provision for seeing
what service is running.

 RedHat Linux moved the scripts to /etc/rc.d/init.d/. However most of their
scripts have a 'status' function to see what the daemon is upto and they
also creat lock files in /var/lock/subsys.

 My old SunOS machine (4.1.4) just has a monster /etc/rc.local script that
starts every thing up. It makes no attempt to cleanly shut the daemons
down again...

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