listing of daemons running on a unix server

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I don't think you can rely on a preexisting system to implement this

First of all they vary too much across platforms.

Second, when Admins add new services they don't always maintain the same
rc.d convention, due to time constraints, lack of knowledge,
nonapplicabilty.  For example, I never saw the need to do a S99smb restart,
I didn't write one; neither did I write a stop.  In fact, my S99smb looks
like this:

/usr/local/samba/bin/smbd -D
/usr/local/samba/bin/nmbd -D

I would recommend developing a config file for those SysAdmins who want to
use SAMBA to manage services.  This file could contain information on
command line switches, whether it can be restarted with -HUP or should be
killed and the restarted, and the possibility to link a script instead of a
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is there a way to obtain a list of daemons running?  is there a method for
starting / stopping them?

on slackware, for example, /etc/rc.d/pcmcia.d has "start|stop|restart"
which isn't particularly good.  on redhat there is a directory where every
script in it has "start|stop|restart".

what i really wanted was something under program control (c code),
although scripts would do.  and yet another smb.conf option listing where
a file is that contains the scripts.

why i am asking is because i have "service control manager" running on the
latest version of samba, and i wanted to start / stop / restart httpd,
imapd, syslogd etc etc.


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