nmbd does not start without smbd (fwd)

Andrew Tridgell tridge at samba.org
Tue Dec 8 22:39:42 GMT 1998

> ok, let me try again.  when a workstation contacts a pdc with a udp packet
> like this, and the pdc is a trusted domain controller not the pdc for
> that workstation, the trusted dc sends out a response, and from memory
> (last time looked at these, 6-8 months ago) it contains a SID.

in that case it must be a response that we don't support.

right now we have a a race condition and a dependence on smbd being
started for nmbd to start. Are you proposing that we keep these
problems because we might need the SID at some future date? I think
that's taking planning too far :)

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