smbsh (error compiling smbwrapper)

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Mon Dec 7 20:54:20 GMT 1998

Don Murphy wrote:
> I just downloaded samba-2.0.0beta2 and have a problem compiling smbwrapper (make smbwrapper).
> (make smbwrapper).  I am running Solaris 2.6 *x86* with gcc  (Should I be using a better
> version of gcc?  The problem seems to be that the preprocessor does not like the
> "64bitish" struct stat64 parameter.  Any ideas?  I am interested in helping test
> smbsh.

	The standard .h files should only be instantiating
	those interfaces if you set specific #defines...

	I got it to compile & run on 2.6 and 2.7 without complaints
	after fixing a configure problem (it didn't think it
	knew about -Kpic).

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