LDAP & Samba

Matt Chapman m.chapman at student.unsw.edu.au
Sun Dec 6 13:22:04 GMT 1998

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> how's it going?  you got some code for either people to play with or
> to look at / comment on?  don't really matter if it doesn't work
> fully. i particularly wanted to review it so i know you're on the
> right track!

Yep, I've got plenty of code for you ! I'm in the middle of nowhere
currently (well, ANU, close enough) so it's not tested as well as i'd
like, but the guinea pigs can have it.

Seeing I had some spare time on the weekend I also changed the rpc
client functions to pass nt_fnum around rather than storing it in
cli_state, as you wanted.

A patch against clean HEAD branch is at
ftp://ftp.cse.unsw.edu.au/pub/users/s2232203/samba_ldap.diff.gz. If you
want it otherwise please say so.

At least my version of patch is buggy and extracts the new files into
the current directory; they should be source/passdb/sampassldap.c,
source/passdb/passgrpldap.c, source/groupdb/groupldap.c,
source/groupdb/aliasldap.c, source/groupdb/builtinldap.c and

Can you please remember to run autoconf on configure.in as i don't have
autoconf here, and also make yodldocs.


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