Native character set support

Andrej Borsenkow borsenkow.msk at
Thu Dec 3 13:49:38 GMT 1998

> My current plan is to add UNICODE throughout the internals of Samba
> by using UTF8, translating to microsoft unicode (little endian
> 16 bit unicode) and microsoft code page support (multi-byte character
> support) on entry and exit to the network.
> The only issue with doing this is that many UNIXs have
> native multi-byte character support (EUC for Japanese
> etc.) and UTF8 is not compatible with these.

Do you mean using Unicode internally for all texts in SAMBA? But then you
will need translation on (almost) every Unix - how many systems support
Unicode natively?

And the big question is, what to do with characters outside of host charset?


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