Native character set support

Andrej Borsenkow borsenkow.msk at
Wed Dec 2 17:40:34 GMT 1998

Now, when SAMBA properly supports file names in native language and domain
support is getting closer ...

What are plans (_are_ there any plans) to add support for native charsets to
other SAMBA parts as well? Off the head, at least following can be non-ASCII

  - anything related to user management (names, comments and oh God!
  - server comments
  - PC names (yes, it has all sorts of implications, but Windows runs with
it nicely)
  - share names? Well, as long as share is just a directory, why not?

Of all these, user management is absolute must if domain support in SAMBA is
going to be actively used outside of ASCII speaking world. I have some
ideas, but I would like to ask about current state of art first ...

BTW it is not diectly related to Unicode - but, of course, full Unicode
support solves this problem as well.



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