syslog problems

Andrej Borsenkow borsenkow.msk at
Wed Dec 2 09:59:25 GMT 1998

> 	This paramter sets the threshold for sending messages to syslog.
> 	Only messages with debug level less than this value will be sent
> 	to syslog.

Hmm It does not play nicely with syslog only parameter (which is how I noted
it in first place).

> This seems reasonable.  The mapping should probably be constant, but you
> may not want to have your syslog file filled up with debug messages (esp.
> if you also have debug logs).

If anybody sets syslog only, he probably has good reasons to do it. If I
need to debug running smbd and syslog only is set, debug output is simply
lost. What about changing it to

if (!lp_syslog_only() && syslog_level < lp_syslog()) ?

> There are also a number of #defines that come into play.  You won't get
> any syslog messages unless you run configure with --with-syslog.

I know :)


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