Changes in Samba 2.0

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Wed Aug 26 18:15:55 GMT 1998

> Am I correct in thinking there will not be large numbers
> of changed smb.conf parameters in 2.0?  I do expect to see
> significant additions from the NTDOMAIN project's work, mind you!

significant, no.  however do not take the following as "permanent":

to be removed completely:
domain sid

to be replaced with something equivalent:
domain admin users
domain guest users
domain groups

have "domain hosts allow" and "domain hosts deny" been removed already?  i
think, jeremy, you took these out three or so months ago.

basically, we will need a set of parameters that allows either:

- a mapping from unix users and unix groups to nt users, nt domain groups
and nt alias groups.

- a system specifying to use nt users, groups and aliases in some other
(yet to be defined) manner.  this to most likely be used in conjunction
with a "samba-as-a-dedicated-black-box" server, suitable for use by
companies such as whistle and cobalt micros.

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