Samba support for ACLs

Allan Bjorklund allan at
Tue Aug 25 17:30:20 GMT 1998

On 23-Aug-98 Scott Moomaw wrote:
> I am investigating the addition of code to Samba to allow support for
> permissions under Solaris.  I've considered adding support for the
> Solaris
> function call "access" inside of the dos_mode function of server.c. 
> Has
> anyone dabbled with adding ACL support?

  Yes, I added a named pipe and then wrote a shell extension to talk to
  it. But I haven't updated it past 1.9.17p2.  The newer pipe code has
  me befuddled and broke everything I've already done.

  Is there an explanation of how to do pipes with SAMBA?

  (It would be nice if I could just write a daemon that listened for
  requests over a UNIX pipe and not have to worry about adding code to

> Any caveats involved in
> supplementing the read-only determination with a call to the access
> function?  I'm looking for a solution that will allow users to read
> and
> write files for which they are given permission through an ACl.

  I haven't seen any.  I had to do this for supporting AFS directories. 
  SAMBA only looked at the permission bits, which really don't tell you
  if you have the proper permissions under AFS.

> Thanks for any help or suggestions.
> Scott
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