Login process fails

Andrew Tridgell tridge at samba.anu.edu.au
Fri Aug 21 06:39:16 GMT 1998

> I'll include my smb.conf and anything else I can think of at the end of
> this.  If you have a user profile or a system policy that gets downloaded
> during the login, the problem doesn't appear.  If you have no user profile
> (an empty profile directory) and there is no NTconfig.pol in the netlogon
> share, then the user can log in and everything works nicely.

hmmm, there must be a typo in the above I think. It implies that the
problem doesn't happen no matter what you do. I need to know what I
need to do to reproduce this, not what to do to not reproduce it :-)

> Andrew, I'll send a tcpdump to you late tonight (since I can't really kill
> an entire lab until midnight) and I don't have a version of netmon that
> will do promiscuous sniffing.

don't bother with a sniff yet, I'd much rather have a way to reproduce
it. sniffs of trans2 calls are very hard to work with, so we should
probably only resort to those if we really need to. (sniffs of normal
smb calls are easy to parse in your head, the trans2 encapsulation
is what makes things hard).

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