Login process fails

Mick Haigh mhaigh at village.vut.edu.au
Fri Aug 21 06:25:15 GMT 1998

Andrew Tridgell wrote:

> > The "NT blue-screen" problem seems to have appeared at the autoconf
> > merge.
> I doubt it was the autoconf merge that broke it. It didn't touch that
> stuff.

I agree.  I think this actually broke about a week before the autoconf
merge, since I remember waiting for the merge in the hope that it would be

> > NT appears to crash upon Samba's reply to its TRANSACT2_QFILEINFO
> > (SMB_QUERY_FILE_STREAM_INFO) request, although it is possible that
> > this is because of an earlier problem.
> >
> > Indeed there is an obvious problem with the TRANSACT2_QFILEINFO code
> > (the filename copied into the packet is the full path while the
> > datasize is only increased by the length of the filename part).
> yikes, that is a silly error. I've just committed a fix.


> exactly what do you have to do to reproduce this crash? nt domain
> logons seems to work for me so it isn't that.

I'll include my smb.conf and anything else I can think of at the end of
this.  If you have a user profile or a system policy that gets downloaded
during the login, the problem doesn't appear.  If you have no user profile
(an empty profile directory) and there is no NTconfig.pol in the netlogon
share, then the user can log in and everything works nicely.

> I'd prefer a raw tcpdump packet or a netmon capture ... I'm getting too
> old to stare at hexdumps! especially trans2 dumps, as they are
> particularly complex (two dumps can look quite different but actually
> be the same).

Andrew, I'll send a tcpdump to you late tonight (since I can't really kill
an entire lab until midnight) and I don't have a version of netmon that
will do promiscuous sniffing.

Have fun.
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