the client

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Fri Aug 21 06:20:23 GMT 1998

> lesson 1) learned from this: i don't want to be involved in writing any
> code for samba in a different branch that crosses from one alpha series
> release to another.  in other words, we never do an alpha release until
> all branches are merged.  if this delays the start of a new alpha release,
> so be it. 
> lesson 2) if someone is adding new features while someone else is working 
> on a branch, either a) don't, until a merge is done b) add the new feature
> to _all_ branches, or no branches.  chris, for example, held off doing his
> ubiqx mods to nmbd until jeremy had finished and merged his nmbd rewrite
> branch.

lesson 3) when working in a branch only do changes relevant to that
branches purpose. Don't do other large changes in a branch just
because they seem right. BRANCH_NTDOM became
BRANCH_LUKES_COMPLETE_REWRITE with changes to virtually everything
(directory structure, data structures, client, nmbd, smbd -

sorry to be so harsh :)

we will get it sorted eventually, but after trying again last night to
merge your new client code into the head branch I now think that maybe
it is too hard. It changes almost everything. It will probably be
quicker to restructure the head branch smbclient than add the nt code
again from scratch.

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