MS RPC (an Extension?)

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Aug 20 18:41:27 GMT 1998

> Well, I only speak about DCE/RPC, not how Microsoft's authentication service
> uses it. Here is how 3-way auth works. (Note: I worked on OSF DCE/RPC
> implementation which doesn't use 3-way auth. So, I may missed something. Read
> the specs. if you are really interested.)

being honest, i am only currently interested in how microsoft has done
things.  later, when i want to do a proper job of things, i will come back
to osf dce/rpc, as i want to take the smb/dce/rpc code _out_ of samba,
creating separate daemons (smbd to be used as a communication mechanism
between smb/dce/rpc and these daemons).

for future reference, could you possibly inform [us, cifs and
samba-technical] where to obtain source for dce/rpc client/server-stub?  i
am sure you have told me before: i have just lost 8 months of email
archives due to a power spike.

> I'm sure that you can guess how NTLM is used with this stuff. :-)

yep, can indeed.

> It depends on the auth level specified in the auth trailer.

ah?  _excellent_ - very useful info.

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