how to test magic script

Charlie Brady cbrady at
Thu Aug 20 03:09:25 GMT 1998

On Thu, 20 Aug 1998, Andrew Tridgell wrote:

> I'm tempted just to remove magic scripts altogether, they are such an
> ugly hack. I should never have put them in.

But they're such a *useful* hack.... :-)

> Better might be some sort of general "open action" and "close action"
> options, giving a specific command to run with substitution of %s for
> the filename being opened/closed.

I wonder if that would make it possible to do things like auto LF-CR
conversion, with the SMB file operations taking place on a created
converted temp file. I guess it would be hard or impossible to get file
size stuff on unopened files to work properly.

Certainly the idea of having scripting with good user authentication
happening without the users knowing anything about Unix is a very useful
thing. I'd hate to lose that.

BTW, I've unsubscribed to the various lists and am going walkabout for two
months, so if anyone emails me before November and I don't reply, I'm not
being rude. 

C ya.

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