Browse list problem sorted (PR#7918)

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Thu Aug 20 03:40:03 GMT 1998

> >> >Well, the problem turned out to be permissions on the .../samba/var and 
> >> >../samba/var/locks directories; not allowing the 'guest account' access 
> >> >to the files.  D'oh!
> > 
> > Since the guest account is supposed to have minimal priveleges, I wonder
> > whether this is the correct solution to the problem....
> First of all, apologies for the delay. We are slowly catching up with the
> backlog.
> I tested this. Indeed Troels is correct. So is Charlie. This is not elegant.
> Samba-technical: Could we look at a more appropriate way to handle this?

I've added a test to testparm. It now produces a warning if the locks
directory does not have 0644 permissions.

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