problem authenticating user with current CVS

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Wed Aug 19 15:00:02 GMT 1998

> > setresuid() and setresgid() are only introduced in Linux kernels 2.1.44
> > and up.  The autoconf script isn't clever enough to figure out which
> > kernel you're running.  
> Yeah, I read the man page too.  Anyway, don't know much about
> autoconf, but can you type "cat /proc/version" ? ;-)

we don't want to do that. I can easily add a proper autoconf test for
setresuid. I only run 2.1 kernels so I didn't realise it was failing
on earlier kernels.

as an example, this works:

#include <errno.h>

        if (errno != EPERM) {
                printf("no setresuid\n");

I'll make it an autoconf test.

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