Files[] array going now ...

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Mon Aug 17 23:49:56 GMT 1998

> is an individual smbd process expected to deal with more than 2048 file
> handles?  because NT doesn't expect you to :-) :-) 

It can now handle 4096. You can up tht to 24k by changing a define. I
know this is overkill, but as it only costs us 1 bit per handle we
might as well have it.

> > I probably won't get time to do the pipes stuff (ie. change to a
> > bitmap/list) but you never know :)
> it would be good, as i currently allocate an arbitrary _small_ number of
> \PIPE\xxxx handles, per process.  50, i think.  this is way too many for
> normal usage, but equally too small for heavy usage.

I've changed it to 64 (as multiples of 32 are slightly more
efficient). Feel free to change it to a larger number. 

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