fnum chaining and pipes

Andrew Tridgell tridge at samba.anu.edu.au
Mon Aug 17 01:30:25 GMT 1998

> > While converting the code to get rid of fnum I noticed that the IPC
> > pipes code doesn't seem to handle fnum chaining. This is where a
> > client does a OpenX+ReadX chain (or some other combination like
> > ReadX+Close) and the fnum from the first operation is supposed to be
> > used for the second.
> i copied the code from the File[] stuff.  presumably incorrectly?

You copied, for example, GETFNUM() to make GETPNUM(). You even copied
the comment like this:

/* this macro should always be used to extract an pnum (smb_fid) from
   a packet to ensure chaining works correctly */
#define GETPNUM(buf,where) (chain_pnum!= -1?chain_pnum:SVAL(buf,where))

then you never used GETPNUM() so chaining has no chance of working.

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