nmbd/smbd default behavior.

Christopher R. Hertel crh at NTS.Umn.EDU
Thu Aug 13 03:43:05 GMT 1998

> I'm open to suggstions as to the best way to change this. 
> > My gut reaction would be to change smbd so that it defaults to
> > overwriting the logs and its -a option means append.
> I'd go for the opposite. Change nmbd to append by default. Otherwise
> you will break existing peoples setups. Some people have scripts that
> collate login/logout info from smbd. 

Yes.  I've heard that from others and it's right.  My nmbd-centric 
thinking is showing.

The next question, then, is the command line option.  "-a" means "append" 
mnemonically.  It *appears* as though "-o" would be available for
"overwrite".  Is that a viable option?

Again, the man pages currently have "-a" meaning append for nmbd, and 
overwrite for smbd.  I guess this is the part that really threw me.

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