times off by one hour

Norbert Püschel Pueschel.Norbert at Walzbarren-VAW.ne.uunet.de
Tue Aug 11 06:59:01 GMT 1998

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton schrieb:
> one problem eventually found with DSTs turned out to be due to slackware
> 3.1's timezone files, which were inaccurate.

My Samba Servers are running on Solaris 2.6. I doubt it are the
timezone files. Furthermore, I just switched the date on my NT-Box to
be outside the DST-period, and the time difference got worse, now being
two hours ...

I checked the time calculation code, but I didn't see an obvious error.
smbclient show the correct dates, by the way, so I think there must be
some disagreement between Samba and NT (4SP3) about the meaning of
timestamps ... 

Now, what has me completely stumped is that the dates of print jobs
show the correct hour, but are off by a _day_. (No, I this is not just
my imagination, you can come and look for yourself. :-) )

Now, to help my understanding of the matter, is there an official
definition (or ar least an official guess) what NT expects as a
timestamp ?

  N. Pueschel

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