rearangement done

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Tue Aug 11 01:00:08 GMT 1998

> it's not necessary to do a file match */*.[ch] on the dce/rpc code when
> looking for functions.  if a function begins with srv_lsa_... it's going
> to be in rpc_lib/server/lsa..

The problem isn't looking for functions. The problem is looking for
where functions are _called_.

If I am changing the definition of foo_bar() then I need to look for
all places that foo_bar() is used to make sure that the new code does
the right thing. grep is the only reasonable way of doing this and
guaranteeing the result.

> other than this, i like the new structure


> and i am very pleased that the illogical interdependencies has been
> noted.

and fixed in some cases :)

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