Filename completion for smbclient

Tim Potter tpot at
Mon Aug 10 07:35:22 GMT 1998

It's always annoyed me that you couldn't hit tab to complete commands and
filenames in smbclient, so I've gone and implemented it using GNU
Readline.  At the moment, command completion and local filename completion
is working and remote filename completion is very close (give me another
half an hour (-:).

I was basically wondering what I would need to do to:

	a) get permission to check in the changes

	b) get someone to review the code (before or after checkin?)

	c) fiddle the autoconf part of things to detect the presence of
	   GNU readline.

At the moment it is very naughtily hardwired to use GNU readline by
default.  I've also made my changes against the cvs code before it was
restructured (doh) so there might be a bit of work there. 


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