restructure in progress

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Sun Aug 9 11:49:27 GMT 1998

I've locked the CVS tree and have begun the restructuring of the code.
I was going to start this morning but waited until I could talk to
Jeremy about some of the layout decisions (particularly the lib/rpc

Hopefully I'll get it done tonight, or at least with most things
compiling, but don't be too surprised if I don't finish till tomorrow

Some of the decisions as to what goes where may need to be looked at
again. There are some files that just don't have a good home so I just
had to make an arbitrary decision. Hopefully these files will be split
into more logical units after the initial restructure.

The old tree has been preserved as "sambaold" in CVS, so don't panic
about things that aren't in the new tree. Things like Luke's new
client code can be migrated from sambaold once the rearrangement is

      Tridge the destroyer

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