Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Sat Aug 8 02:39:59 GMT 1998

I've now looked more closely at the lib/*/*/* hierarchy that we
currently have and think that we should change it. I'd like the whole
source tree to be consistent in layout, and having some deep parts and
some shallow parts seems inconsistent to me.

It currently contains 12 directories. Only 2 of those (lib/rpc/parse
and lib/rpc/server) actually contain code that does anything at the
moment and there is 1 include directory.

So I propose to hack lib/ in the following way:

1) move lib/rpc/server/* to rpc_server/*
2) move lib/rpc/parse/* to rpc_parse/*
3) move lib/rpc/include/* to include/* 

I'll then delete the lib/ tree (yes, it will be backed up).

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