socket options & read raw

Cyrill D. Schneider cyrill.schneider at
Thu Aug 6 19:20:14 GMT 1998

Hi all,

since I posted that "benchmark" some days ago in comp.protocols.samba, 
I get emails and see postings from samba users all around the world
telling me that setting 

socket options = TCP_NODELAY
read raw = no

solves several performance issues, obviously on all kinds of
different platforms. I've then sent a couple of logs to Jeremy Allison, 
but didn't get a reply so far. Maybe they were completely useless...

However, I'm actually not bright enough to find the cause of 
this problem by myself (I tried, but I'm neither a C++ guru nor 
do I have a solid knowledge of the SMB protocol). So, if anyone's
interested, please tell me what kind of information you need and
please do so before Sat, Aug 8 14:00GMT 'cause I'll be on vacation 
afterwards (until Aug 29).


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