directory rearrangement this Sunday

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Thu Aug 6 07:20:13 GMT 1998

Given there were no major protests about re-arranging the Samba source
tree I'll probably do it this weekend.

Can everyone who has outstanding commits to the tree ensure that they
are committed by Sunday morning Canberra time. The way I am planning
on doing this will preserve the history of the moved files but it will
cause havoc for anyone trying to commit changes based on code from
before the rearrangement. 

I'll go with a shallow tree, which is what Jeremy and I want. I know
you want a deep tree Luke, but I'm afraid you're out voted :-)

I will mostly be moving whole files rather than splitting files. I
know that some files (such as util.c) should be split up but I doubt
I'll get to that for this round of changes.

     Cheers, Tridge

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