directory layout

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue Aug 4 20:31:49 GMT 1998

> than 2 levels of directories. Samba is not a full OS 

um... that's not quite true :-) given that samba is beginning to look like
nt, it is a unix<-> nt converter and has a degree of complexity apparent
to an OS.  no, two OSes!

if you have a decent directory structure, it is surprising how quickly you
get to know where functions are.  "that call is a... dos to unix
time-conversion function: i bet it's goingto be in thecommon- system
directory oh, yes it is."

counter--arguments to some of the points i've seen:

1) if you have to use grep some_fn `fnd . -name "*.[ch]" -print` for a
single level of directories, this works just as well for multiple,
therefore multiple is as acceptable as single levels, when using grep like

alternative: find . -name @"*.[ch]" -itnt > foo; grep some_fn `cat foo`;
grep some_structrure `cat foo` etc. easy, huh?

2) if you are new to samba code, learning the directory structure as well
as the file/function/structure location _aids_ comprehension through
compartmentisation.  being presented with over 200 files in the same
directory is... incomprehensible: what goes with what???

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