[samba-soc] ``Final'' status report on dnotify support for the cifs vfs

Asser Femø asser at diku.dk
Mon Sep 5 09:47:54 GMT 2005

So I've just sent in my Summer of Code web form and am officially done
(well, apart from the tax issues, but that's a whole other story).

Unfortunately there still are some loose ends: The kernel interface for
dnotify is missing a few things for vfs modules, so as a module we never
get to know when a process cancels it's notify request or when it
updates the event mask. Both these things are implemented in my code,
but requires some small changes in the kernel dnotify code before
they'll work as intended.

Inotify as of yet doesn't have an interface for vfs modules at all (at
least I couldn't find one, and I spent quite a few hours digging through
the code). Therefore, inotify support is not implemented in the CIFS

I've asked on the linux-kernel and linux-fsdevel lists to these issues
but not yet received an answer.

It's been really great to code this during the summer and I'd hate to
just leave it hanging like that, so I'll stick around on the mailing
lists and maybe poke a bit more to the dnotify/inotify responsibles to
get the interface issues resolved. When (if) people start using dnotify
with CIFS there will inevitably turn up some bugs that needs fixing,

Finally I'd like to thank Google for making the Summer of Code program
without which I'd probably not be here, Steve for mentoring and being a
great help and of course Jerry and the Samba team for participating in
the program and taking us under your wings.


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