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Tue Dec 2 02:23:37 GMT 2003

authentications, /etc/passwd for UNIX or in your case the NIS map the
other is smbpasswd file for the Windows logins. To get to one
authentication you would need to either use winbind which would use the
smbpasswd file for the UNIX login or LDAP which as I understand
requires some patches to Samba 2.2.2.

The only login method from the Windows side to my knowledge that would
use the NIS map came with some NFS products I have used in the past.

> Has anyone gotten a NIS server to act as the PDC and use the Unix NIS to =
> authenticate users
> on the domain? I would like to keep the NIS as it is.. and just add the =
> PDC functions to samba.
> I have searched through web pages and archives to no avail. If anyone =
> has an NIS master server
> acting as a PDC and using the NIS to authenticate users on the domain =
> please let me know. If
> this is NOT possible please let me know.=20
> Thanks for any help...
> Brent



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