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Tue Dec 2 02:23:37 GMT 2003

The diference between domain and share logon - I'm not sure but i use the
follow to access a directory on the 2000Server.
smbmount //2000server/dir /mnt/dir -U admin -P passwd

Thanks for the help

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	Well your if your PDC is functioning correctly then you should be able to
see it in your network nebiourhood,
	However if you have misconfigured your box (or forrgotten to set either the
hostname or the netbios name) Then it
	will not appear.  So please do the following to ensure a proper
	1. 	smbclient to your PDC (bash#smbclient -L HOSTNAME -Uusername%password)
		This will tell you your local shares (-L list) and if it works you should
see your box in the nebiourhood.
	2.	Make sure all of the workgroup /domain names are spelt correctly.
	3.	When you say logon you mean Domain logon right? or do you mean share
logon? (in that case your PDC isin't a PDC 		at all.)
	4. 	Sacrifice a chicken or goat to appease the Unix gods!! (This one's
optional but i think it might help!!)

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Subject: win2K and RH6.2

I have just set up my RH6.2 box to login to my win2K box(pdc) and I can
mount a directory in linux.
But, I have a couplet of question.

Is it possible to have my linux box appear in the network neigbourhood in

Can I mount the windows directory automatically at boot time?
	currently I use the following command
	'smbmount //2000server/dir /mnt/dir -U admin -P passwd'
	then I get prompted for the password again.

Can I mount a linux partion under windows?

I would be grateful for any assistance.



It's crazy enough it just might work.

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