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Tue Dec 2 02:23:37 GMT 2003

to authenticate to domain "B"?   If that is what you are trying to do then
you might be able to set

password server = asudc

This might work provided the samba machine is a member of the asudc domain.


iddwb wrote:

> I would like to run samba as a domain controller.  However, i would like
> samba to find its passwords elsewhere.  Is it passible to have
> security=domain
> password=asudc
> .. where the asudc is a domain controller that has all the password stuff
> in it.  In me reading it appears to have a security=domain requires the
> machine be joined to a nt domain.  however, you can have two DC's.. nor
> can samba act as a BDC -- nor do I want it do.  I'm looking for a way to
> have samba find all its authentication info from our campus NT domain --
> but still have the power of a domain controller for NT..
> failing this, would it be passible to compile in the kerberos stuff into
> samba, have security=domain, but have kerberos act like the password
> server?
> David Bear
> College of Public Programs/ASU

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