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Tue Dec 2 02:23:37 GMT 2003

Certain operations demand that the logged on user has Administrator=20
privileges, typically installing software and doing maintenance tasks. I=
is very simple to appoint some users as Domain Admins, most likely=20
yourself. Make sure you trust the appointee !
Samba 2.2 recognizes particular users as being domain admins and tells=20
the NTws when it thinks that it has got one logged on. In the smb.conf=20
file we declare that the Domain Admin users =3D user1 user2. Any user=20
mentioned here will be treated as a Domain Admin by a NTws when logged=20
onto the Domain. They will have full Administrator rights including the =

rights to change permissions on files and run the system utilities such =

as Disk Administrator.
Further, and this is very new, they will be allowed to create a new=20
machine account when first connecting a new NT or W2K machine to the=20
domain. At present, ie pre-release, only a Domain Admin who also happens=
to be root can do so.=20
Except I, at least, can't seem to get it to work.  It mentions "NTws",=20
but will an NT server in the domain recognize the admin provilages as=20
well (I assumed so as I thought they were basically the same thing with =

some registry and legal tweaks)?

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