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Tue Dec 2 02:23:37 GMT 2003

(by user1 and its passwd). I think at least I can get into the share,
although I can't use sambe server as PDC.

BTW, a lot people think samba-tng does not function very well as print
server, right?



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Ivy wrote:
> I am trying samba-tng-2.6. But how can I get smbpasswd file? It seems
> totally different from what I generated in samba-2.0.7. I knew I should
> samedit, but then... Thanks.

TNG handles things very differently (in terms of the administrators
experience anyway).
You use samedit to manage user accounts, add machines to the domain etc.

Samedit has a man8 page. Also this page gave me all I needed:


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