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Tue Dec 2 02:23:37 GMT 2003

conslutant, I know which product I prefer day in day out. And
I'm learning C in the hopes that one day I cna contribute to
this and other products, with the idea of giving something back
to the community.

> 	Specifically by inclusion but not limitation:
> 		It is not capable of being a PDC or BDC as defined by
> 			the reference implementation, Microsoft Win2k.
See above for comments on "reference"
> 		It cannot host Exchange.
Find anywhere on the website that mentions Exchange in
anyway. I can't.
> 		Win2k machines cannot join a Samba domain AT ALL.
Which is a breakage on MS' part, not Samba's. 
> 		MS administration tools DO NOT WORK.  AT ALL.
But SAMBA admin tools do. 

Basically, the idea that you seemed to have missed is that this
is not actually helping anyone. The way to help is to turn off
your mail client, and start a decent text editor and a copy of
GCC, learn C and contribute. Or write documentation. Or keep the
website updated. Or *whatever*. but don't just bitch. 

I hope this is gonna be the last comment to the list. Karl, if
you're gonna reply, just reply to me.


Thomas May
	Sys Admin, AMX Communications
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