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Tue Dec 2 02:23:37 GMT 2003

     [p 594, re: "domain license server" (as opposed to "enterprise"/W2K
     domain based)]

     A domain license server is appropriate if you want to maintain a
     separate license server for each domain.  If you have workgroups or
     Windows NT 4.0 domains, a domain license server is the only type
     that you can install.  Terminal servers can only access domain
     license servers if they are in the same domain as the license
     server. ...

The text then goes on to describe the manner in which the Terminal server
uses periodic broadcasts to discover the license server.

Given that this can be used with workgroups (ie. where no domain exists at
all) it seems reasonable to conclude that this should work just fine in a
Samba PDC scenerio.



>     Elrond
> p.s.: I don't have w2k-ts, so I wont be able to debug
>       this...

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