New Samba Server Problem...

Teber Ozceyhan tozceyhan at
Mon Jan 7 06:31:05 GMT 2002


I've setup a new SAMBA Server. We have used to NT server but from now we 
will use Samba on redHAT 7.2  
In my local network i've 15 windows9Xclient and one windows2000client. 
My samba acts as a Domain controler. my linux box is also a dhcp server.
I've a ZYXEL WAN router which connects my lan to internet.

In general it works but i've some strange problems

1) When my internet line is active one client can log into the domain 
in5-10 seconds. its normal for me. But when my internet line is off this 
logging takes up 1 minute what can be wrong. 

2) From windows 2000 i can log into the domain only when i have add user 
to that 2000. I want to authenticate all kind of users from samba server. 
what is wrong with my samba or 2000 setup

Thanks for your help

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