Netbios problem in a NT Domain

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Are you using Winbind? I've had the path not found problem when joining a
domain with winbind. Deleting the machine from SAM and the sid file from
samba, and re-joining the domain fixed it for me. One way to see if this
will fix it for you is to check the secret with the PDC.
The fact that you can't ping your Linux box by the name doesn't sound like a
DHCP problem to me, that's wins since you are in a NT network. Check the
wins database to see if Linux is showing. If not check how the discovery is
being done by wins.

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I configured a linux box runnig Redhat 7.1 with samba 2.2.2 to join a NT
domain. I tested the smb.conf and all is all right. With smbclient i can
view share where ever i want but i can't browse my linux box from the the
WIDOWS Neighborhood  even if i see it and i always have this message
"network path not found"; I must add that i configured it through DHCP and i
have not physical access to the PDC at this moment. It have an infinite
registration of the IP adress on the DHCP server.
What i think is that the problem is on the dhcp server because i even can't
ping my linux box by the name.
If somebody has seen the same problem or if you have tips for investigating
it will help.
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