Unable to authenticate users from PDC using winbind

Miguel Vieira Carvalho i990712 at dei.isep.ipp.pt
Thu Jan 3 07:31:04 GMT 2002

On Thu, 3 Jan 2002, Mark Cooke wrote:

I Mark, the two times password problem you get, is related to your PAM

> auth       required     /lib/security/pam_securetty.so
> auth       required     /lib/security/pam_nologin.so
> auth       sufficient   /lib/security/pam_stack.so service=system-auth
Repace the next line
  auth       sufficient   /lib/security/pam_winbind.so

  auth       sufficient  /lib/security/pam_winbind use_first_pass

I think, that the smb.conf line 'password server', shouldnt be used when
using a security = domain.

Miguel Carvalho

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