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Anton Bonifacio anton at
Tue Feb 12 07:01:39 GMT 2002

good evening,

i recently setup samba as a logon server for my LAN at home. my problem is that i can't seem
to get policies to work. i've put the file Config.pol, NTconfig.pol, and created symbolic links as
config.pol, ntconfig.pol and different case combinations at the netlogon directory. unfortunately,
i haven't been succesful.

the policy reads that "Default User" will get a restricted desktop. not happening.

i disabled roaming profiles through the Win98 Workstation, by going to passwords and clicking
on "one profile for everybody". will this affect system policies? i created the policy through 
the Win98 Resource Kit's System Policy Editor. i disabled roaming profiles because downloading
and uploading data everytime i log-off was getting annoying. is there a way to disable this
through smb.conf also?

i hope somebody can shed me some light here on how to make system policies work. i am
using Samba 2.0.7, with SuSE Linux 7.0, the clients are Windows98SE boxes. 

thank you for your help.

Anton Bonifacio

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