Samba Network error !

NITIN PANDE npande at
Sun Sep 30 20:55:01 GMT 2001

It could be that samba may not be able to find the commands.  I had
similar problems mounting shares.  The paths in smb.conf did relate to
TRUE paths of binaries. I would make sure of that.  I have also seen
that RPM install is radically different than the CVS thingy.  HTH, Ciao,

Nitin Pande
Mail Administrator

Alexander Loos wrote:

> Hi all, Ihave big problems running Samba in our company !We use a NT
> Server for the Verification and the Samba Server as a file server.I
> made an Update to 2.2.1a to solv some problems. Now there occurs an
> network error when trying to connect a share the Win NT Client
> says:"Network error ...:Could not find the specified path to the share
> " !!!!! But the path in the smb.conf is correct !We have this problem
> with some home directories and some normal shares !!!! Can anybody
> help me ? Thx Alex

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